Welcome to WhatTapped. This site was built because I was tired of having to scour the Internet trying to find what beers were on tap at various times. Now, WhatTapped searches the Internet for you. WhatTapped will aggregate all the information about the bars it knows about and provide them to you. You can search for beers or breweries that you are interested in. It can even send you an email or text you when a beer you are looking for goes on tap.

WhatTapped works by mining structured, unstructured, and semi-structured data from bar websites. It then automatically organizes that data so that it is available to you in a common structured format.

WhatTapped allows you to search and browse bars without an account. We offer two types of user accounts that you can register. There is a free account that lets you store your favorite beers, bars, and breweries for easy access and create alerts. The premium account, which only costs about the same as 1 beer per month, gives you all of these features plus upgraded services. Included in the premium account is unlimited alerts, near real-time notifications (compared to once per day with a free account), and priority access to advanced, experimental features. With a premium account, you'll also get prioritized requests for us to add bars that you're interested in to our database.


If you don't want to commit to a premium account, but would still like to support us, you can donate here. Many of the limitations on the free accounts are in place because WhatTapped started as a side project for me, so I am paying for licensing, server time, domain names, etc. out of pocket, as more people sign up for premium accounts or donate, I will be able to expand the service that free accounts receive and add additional features and bars more rapidly.